Residential Homes for Sale in Midland, TX

Midland is a mid-sized city in Texas with a thriving real estate market. Many people want to buy in the city thanks to its strong economy. In 2014, it had the lowest unemployment rate in the country at a mere 2.3%. Any homebuyer in the Permian Basin should take a look at the residential homes for sale in Midland TX has to offer.

Residential Homes

The median listing price for residential property listings in Midland is $247,600, a little above the national average. Over the past decade, the market has remained strong and values continue to rise. Nonetheless, it is still possible to get a great deal on a home with any budget.
The residential property listings in Midland TX homebuyers can consider range from small, single-family homes starting at less than $100,000 to large, luxury homes over $1 million. There is something to love for everyone in Midland.
With a budget of around $100,000, expect to find a single-family home on a small plot with around 800-1,600 square feet of space. There are plenty of attractive, cozy places listed. Additionally, there are a number of fixer-upper homes for buyers who want to make a space wholly theirs.

Midland is a very safe city that has grown by nearly 30% in the last decade. With this population boom has come even more attractions and activities than ever before. With an accessible but warm real estate market, families looking for their first homes can get a lot by buying in this city.

Luxury Homes

The strong economy has encouraged the building of luxury homes. Buyers looking for something upmarket can find some large, beautiful houses in the area.

For example, for a little under $2 million, you can find a four- to six-bedroom home with around 5,000 square feet of space. There are many large land properties for sale as well for people looking for a beautiful house with space for recreation or agriculture.

Families looking for something luxurious at a more accessible price can find plenty of listing around $500,000. For this price range, you can find something with around 3,000 square feet and three or four bedrooms. In short, anyone exploring the residential homes for sale in Midland TX has listed will find something for them.

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